Karen Maglio


Karen currently specializes in multi-media and photography. Karen has worked in several media formats including painting, pencil & ink drawings, latch hook, and needle point representational wall hangings. Karen is currently producing works in a multi-media format and photographs on canvas embellished with various mediums to produce a one of a kind art experience.


Karen’s career in computer programming and website design has been a great help to her keen awareness for clean well organized art pieces that are not only pleasant and relaxing to view but are in an area that combines technical expertise with traditional materials to produce a one of kind artistic voice for the art buyer. 

Though an artist for several years, only recently has Karen decided to venture into the public eye with her shows at Cleveland State University, Spaces Gallery, the Weekend of the Pooka - Celebration of the Arts and Canton Museum of Art juried shows. 

As an artist, Karen looks at art as a constant evolving process where change is inevitable. 

Under-the-sea trifeca giglee

Under-the-sea trifeca giglee